“Best iPod Accessory Ever!” says Gizmodo.com


If you own an iPod and enjoy partying like most people, you simply can’t afford to be without this ultra-cool breath alcohol tester. Don’t wait to be pulled over by law enforcement after “a few beers” to learn that you’ve had one too many.


  • Always on hand (since it attaches to your iPod.
  • Provides fast and accurate breath alcohol results.
  • Quickly determine if you are legal (and safe) to drive.
  • Show friends that they’re unsafe to drive (in a non-offensive way).
  • Test your kids without looking totally uncool…they’ll actually be impressed with it.
  • Keep your butt out of jail.
  • Prevent the possible loss of your license and automobile.
  • Prevent the possibility of nasty and enormous fines.
  • Could save you from losing your job.
  • Prevent humiliation and embarrasement.
  • Prevent possible loss of your or someone else’s life!

Introducing the iBreath Breath Alcohol Tester. It’s the ultimate accessory that lets you take your own alcohol breath test so you can get home safely.

What’s more is our iBreath, the cutting-edge iPod accessory, can prevent embarrassing and expen$ive arrests and save lives.

iBreath Alcohol Breathalyzer lets you take your own alcohol breath test so you can get home safely. Hollywood’s A-listers have been among the first to purchase the clever gadget to insure that their mug shot is not the next one to grace the tabloids and news reports.

Not only can this cool gizmo save you from career-ending embarrassment, it can potentially save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and jail time. And if keeping you safe and out of the jail isn’t enough, this clever innovative breathalyzer doubles as an iPod FM transmitter that transmits your iPod tunes to any FM tuner.

Just fold out the blow wand and exhale into it for at least 5 seconds. 2 seconds later, this amazing tool let’s you know if you’re within the legal limit to drive. It even houses a timer that can be set from 1 minute up to 8 hours in order to remind you when it’s time for the next test.

  • Compact, stylish design
  • No batteries needed
  • All Functions & results shown on iBreath LCD display
  • 0.000 – 0.200% BAC Range
  • Margin of error +- .01
  • Wireless FM Transmitter
  • Makes a Great Gift!

Included Accessories:

  • iBreath
  • 12V Car Plug (for those times when you may not have an iPod or iPhone with you)
  • USB Cable
  • Instruction Manual


“Best iPod Accessory Ever!”


“You might want to buy this for yourself before the Holidays begin.”


“A California inventor has developed what may be the hottest iPod accessory for the coming holiday season.” DUI.com

“I love it. I want one.”


“This is an attachment no hip partygoer should go without.”


Always use a designated driver after drinking alcohol; Don’t Drink and Drive.


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