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Unlike other wireless spy cameras, the Bass-Tech Wireless Spy & Security Camera also offers full audio, so you can listen in from the built-in mic. Competing units offer NO SOUND. Have you ever watched ANY video source WITHOUT sound? Fuggedaboudit!

Suitable for video conferencing, video phone, video doorbell, video electronic mail, pc multimedia, toys, security monitor, medical instrument, vehicle rear view, nanny cam, remote control models, etc.

The camera can send audio and video for 8 hours non-stop if powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery (Duracell/Energizer), or it can run 24/7 when hooked up with the included AC wall adaptor without any overheating. Cool..Eh?

Installation of the Mini Wireless Hidden Security Spy Camera Video is quick and simple. The Receiver can be connected directly to any ordinary television, VCR, camcorder or external monitor.

Mini Wireless Hidden Security Spy Camera Video Features:

1. Smallest Audio/Video Transmitting Camera In The World
2. Wireless or Wired Audio/Video Transmission Option.
3. Small Size & Light Weight.
4. Low Power Consumption.
5. Long Range 1.2 GHz Wireless Spy Camera.
6. Easy to Install & Operate.
7. Easy to Conceal.
8. Transmitter/Camera Size: 1.9cm (W) 1.9cm (H) 1.9cm (D)

Mini Wireless Hidden Security Spy Camera Package Includes:

Mini 1.2 GHz Wireless Spy & Security Camera, Wireless 1.2 GHz Wireless Spy & Security Camera Receiver (up to 1000 feet range), 1pc. 9v battery clip, 2 pcs. AC Wall Adaptor (8V for wireless camera, 9V for receiver), 1 pc. RCA cable, Instruction Manual…all together in a nice gift box (as shown).

Mini Wireless Hidden Security Spy Camera System Specifications:

1. 1000 ft. range (varies depending on type of construction).
2. Resolution of 380 TV Lines
3. Output Power: 200mW
4. Minimum Illumination is an extremely low 3 Lux.
5. Camera size is no larger than a dime.
6. Camera operates on one 9V Battery OR 8V AC Wall Adaptor (included).
7. Receiver requires 9V AC Wall Adapter (included).

“No-Brainer” Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera Operating Instruction (setting up the whole wireless system can be done in less than 3 minutes):

1. Screw the Receiver Antenna onto the Receiver.
2. Connect the Receiver to any monitoring source with included AV Cable.
3. Plug the 9V AC Wall Adaptor into the power jack of the Receiver.
4. Connect Camera to power source (AC Wall Adapter or 9V Battery).
5. Place Camera in desired object or location.
6. Optimize reception by adjusting the Frequency Tuner on the Receiver.
7. Enjoy full color video surveillance with crisp, clean audio!


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