Magnetic Ninja’s Katana Bookends


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Magnetic Katana Bookends


We’ve all seen the ninja movies and have been impressed by the amazing moves of those crazy guys. Who knew you could get a leg that high?! After a long day of round-house kicking and hiding in the shadows, there’s nothing ninjas enjoy more than kicking back and getting lost in a good book. Only thing is, where would a ninja keep his books? On a bookshelf is way too conventional as the thought of the books toppling over sends their brains into overload.

Instead they decided to impale their literature onto their swords with one swift ‘Hiiiiiiii-Yahh!’ The Katana Bookends keep your books held firmly in place by using strong magnets and the hidden brackets. But we prefer to pretend that the sword really has pierced through them all. Not only for use with books, you can even wedge a bunch of DVD’s between the hilt and blade.

Ideal for any comic book or action film fan who fancies a slice of ninja decor.

  • Wedge books or DVD’s between handle and blade (Books and DVDs are Not Included)
  • Hidden brackets and magnets hold books together
  • Plastic blade and hilt
  • Ideal for comic and action fans
  • Measures approx. 26cm x 17cm x 12cm


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Weight 0.62 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 20 in


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