80mm Photographer’s Reflection Ball

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Rare Asian Crystal, NOT Glass!

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 Capture a world in the palm of your hand

Our Photographer’s Crystal Ball is the ultimate photography tool. A unique way to capture your world. It flips things upside down, gets them in focus, and lets you see the world in a unique new perspective.

Glass balls were often not perfectly round, had air bubbles, and got easily damaged. Acrylic contact-juggling balls were lightweight, but got scratched very easily and always resulted in blurry photos. We found a way to make perfectly round balls out of square blocks of hardened crystal, by using a large sequence of special grinding and polishing techniques. The result is a stunning sphere that everyone wants to hold, and that has the same optic quality as professional camera lenses. It’s a work of art, and we are proud to share it with the world!

  • Crystal ball sphere Color: Clear
  • Pattern: Round
  • Material: Clear Asian Quartz Crystal
  • Size: 80mm

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Weight 0.6 lbs

Clear Asian Crystal

5 reviews for 80mm Photographer’s Reflection Ball

  1. Customer

    Ok, so this may sound weird, but I opened it up and have gotten lost, staring at this and just being pulled into it’s beauty. And I haven’t even taken a picture with it yet. I love this darn ball.

  2. M***a

    Perfect, I’ve already ORDERED ANOTHER ONE!

  3. M***a

    Perfect, good Packing, Shipping fast.

  4. M***a

    This crystal ball unleashed creativity in me that I never knew I had. Perfect for my business.

  5. Customer

    Hahahaha. I am one happy photo shoot’in camper! This is a PERFECTLY shiny and reflective sphere!

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